Most African Celebrities Are Broke and Will Go Hungry If A Lockdown Lasts More than 3 Months – South Africa’s Cassper Nyovest


Celebrities in Africa would starve if any lockdown lasts for over 3 months, South African artist Cassper Nyovest has revealed.


According to him, they don’t have riches that foreign artists like Rihanna and Drake have to be able to go that long without making any money.

Many African countries are instituting full or partial lockdowns as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread.

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Ghana is the latest to join, with South Africa already under lockdown.

Speaking on it, Nyovest said even celebrities have to worry about a lockdown.

He made the comments in response to claims that African celebrities are not helping by making donations or anything similar in this COVID-19 era.

According to Cassper, they are broke – not that they don’t want to help.

Check what he said below…

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