“More people will die of this virus” – Reactions as chinese doctors arrive to treat CCECC workers


It is no even news that the virus threatening people’s lives across the globe is originated in Wuhan, China. It is a news everyone hears and knows about, even the toddlers.

Even the fact that the virus came from China has led the president of the United States of America president Donald Trump to call it Chinese virus instead of its popular name Coronavirus or Covid-19 which sparked controversy all over the world, where some people are seeing it as nothing but pure truth and some see this as nothing but racism while some see find it hilarious.

Talking about the matter on ground, and that is the arrival of the Chinese doctors to treat CCECC workers, Nigerians are clearly not in support of the federal government’s decision on inviting the Chinese doctors into the country and this is clearly seen in their reactions on social media after the news reached them.

In their reactions, you smell fear of the virus being rapidly spread in the country as the government invited the first people to get infected with it.

See reactions below: