”Money that I worked hard for” – Man laments after sending N20K to lady as birthday gift, she complains it’s little

A Nigerian man is left in pain following the unexpected response from his girlfriend after surprising her with the cash sum of N20K as a birthday gift.

A social media user identified as @OSERE_X took to the microblogging platform X to share the exchange with his babe whom he surprised with a token for her birthday.

The user credited his girlfriend with the sum of N20K while reaching out to her to announce it as a birthday gift as seen in a chat.

Unfortunately for him, the lady ungratefully accepted the cash gift while suggesting what he meant by ‘spoil yourself’ remarks on such an amount.

“Maybe I overreacted or Maybe I didn’t…The entitlement some girls have ehnn.. Sent this lady monetary gift.. and this was what i got? Smh…. Never again!!” the man captioned the post.

He pressed on to rant, “Money that i worked hard for!!!!! Gifting someone is bad now? I was only trying to be nice.. since it is her special day.”

See the chats below …

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