“Money is so beautiful, work hard and pray. If your father doesn’t have money forgive him but make money for your children” – Cubana Chief Priest advises

Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu better known as Cubana Chief Priest has shared a message with Nigerians.

The socialite shared a video of him hanging out with elites, as he dished out word of advice to the public.

The businessman advised people who were birth in poor background to pray and forgive their fathers.

He, however, warned them to make money so their children wouldn’t demean them.

“Last Night with dem rich kids at a rich kids wedding, if your father doesn’t have money pray for him & forgive him, but you try as much as possible to make plenty money for your children, it’s better to be called daddy than papa money is so beautiful. Work hard & pray for grace. Your papa get marriot”.

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