“Money is not everything but it’s better to cry in a Ferrari than on a bicycle in the cold” – Billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy (Video)

Being rich does not exactly make all your problems automatically go away.

However, Cuppy has set the premise that it is way easier for her to cry in a Ferrari than to cry on a bicycle in the cold.

The billionaire heiress revealed this during an interview when she was asked if her background of money makes her life any easier, or does it make her any happier.

The interviewer jokingly nodded in agreement and joked that she would rather have the Ferarri as well.

Being a billionaire’s daughter, there have been lots of misconceptions about Cuppy, especially from Nigerians, who do not have it easy. The disc Jockey cum singer recently said a temporal goodbye to her fans after she resumed lectures at Oxford University, saying she just may not be back in the public space until year 2022.

Click HERE to watch video.

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