Money has no respect for age, Pretty Mike tells haters


Club owner Pretty Mike has again taken to social media to pass a message to haters and this time, he gave some word of great advice for them.

According to Mike, does no one good to hate as being happy for another man’s blessings can help usher theirs in.

”Attention:: Those of you that Hate on ur fellow brothers n sisters, Hear this and hear me well…….

Don’t you know when God blesses someone close to u, that means he is in the Neighborhood, stay close to dem, ur blessing is around the corner…. Be wise and Envy no man…Wait ur turn …..

Some ignorant guys be sounding like “No mind am, na small boi, He just started seeing money, I even senior him senior brother with 10 years sef 藍… some arrogant people are too proud to say pls show me Road…..Money has no respect for Age類……. Awon Marlian wey Dey Drip”