Moment woman given free shopping spree, grabs N290,000 worth of goods in 30 seconds

A woman, Ruth Zephaniah, has been granted the opportunity of a lifetime by winning a 30-second free shopping spree at a popular supermarket.

The woman, who happens to sell traditional Nigerian drink ‘Kunu‘, was selected for this exhilarating opportunity with the promise to cover the cost of everything she could grab within the specified time limit.

Filled with excitement and anticipation, Ruth eagerly rushed the supermarket as the countdown began.

Moment woman given free shopping spree, grabs N290,000 worth of goods in 30 seconds
Excited and full of energy, Ruth dashed through the supermarket aisles, quickly grabbing varieties of food items.

However, amidst the frenzy, Ruth’s attention was caught by a set of elegant plates, which she swiftly added to her growing pile.

As the seconds ticked away, Ruth’s cart filled with an assortment of groceries and household items.

When the whirlwind shopping spree came to an end, the total value of Ruth’s selections stunned both onlookers and organizers alike, amounting to N290,000.

Overcome with joy and gratitude, Ruth embraced @theasherkine, the generous individual who had provided her with this remarkable opportunity.

Netizens Reactions…
@brightcourt14 said; “God bless you, brother, for putting a smile on people’s faces.”

@_crawley said; “This woman sef….. instead of her to just dey carry only rice and more rice and more rice…add oil.”

@Abigail 1 said; “The way the woman carry bag of rice as if it has no weight.”

@princeoftiktok said; “The way you putting smile on people may God also put smile on your face Amen.”

@mikeroyce_s.m said; “If dem give her extra 30 seconds, she go carry the whole shop.”

See below;


She’s the winner gang! 😂❤️❤️ #CapCut #fyp #asherkine

♬ original sound – asherkine

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