Moment ladies sneak into class during lecture spark reactions

A trending video shows the moment some ladies were spotted sneaking into their class while lecture was ongoing.

Apparently they had come late to class and their lecturer was the sort that didn’t tolerate lateness.

They were seen sneaking into the class while the man was lecturing.

Some of the ladies had to bend down on all fours and crawled to the nearest seat to sit.

Read comments from netizens:

@Winniebby09 said: “Humanities can do the undoable in ust😂”

@TAM B😌❤️😎 said: “In use hand open door😂”

@FOOD/PASTRY IN LAGOS 🍲🍝🥞 said: “I had a lecturer who doesn’t joke with attendance, he would count immediately he enters, check the attendance list after lecture then strike the names below the number he counted 😂😂..”

@TAM B😌❤️😎 said: “Ona shock the man😂😂😂”

Watch the video below:



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