Moment Asake and his lookalike meet face-to-face during show

The famous Afrobeat singer, Asake a.k.a Mr Money causes a frenzy as he meets his lookalike face-to-face while performing to a live audience.

The singer who recently got many people talking after sharing a video of a good time with his girlfriend made the headlines once again.

A fan of the singer who shares a resemblance with him caused a stir during the show of Asake as the duo met face to face.

While performing one of his hit singles, Asake locked eyes with his lookalike and immediately focused on him while he continued the show.

The lookalike fan who was happy to be noticed vibed along with the singer whom he also shared the same hairstyle with.

See some reactions from netizens

badgalci04 said: “Werey tiff identity steal wan tiff hin song & performance 😂😂😂 Asake say werey ni doppelgänger yi o.”

wunmiclaire opined: “No, be only asake lookalike na asakasha.”

olamrmusic noted: “They are brothers from different parents. One is Asake the other one is Aseju 😁.”

oyinkan_a added: “This one is alake Lan konko 😀😀not asake.” noted: “Fake asake no gree for original oo😂😂😂.”

aderayo.o wrote: “Low budget Alake leleyi oo😂.”

Watch the video below …

A hookup girl is in severe pains after being scammed with fake dollars for payment for her overnight service.

The entrepreneur shared this via her Instagram page, lolly.choko, where she was bitter about getting scammed.

Narrating the shocking situation, she claimed she was approached by somebody abroad for paid sex and she carried out her job perfectly.

Hookup girl cries out after getting paid fake dollars for her overnight services
He paid her with dollar notes and unfortunately when she checked the money, she discovered it was fake and just paper.

She cried out especially as it is only the beginning of the year.

See some reactions to the post

iamdikeh said: “This one don gree for somebody, shebi we talk say we no Dey gree for anybody this year”

dr.legendclothing wrote: “He will think he has won …..Don’t worry .. He will soon find out that the Gonorrhea you gave him is Original 🙄🙄”

ayo.solarin asked: “How people dey talk these things with so much confidence?”

midey 231 added: “Every morning we wake up, we should be grateful that none of our family members is out here disgracing us . Cus wtf is this 😂😂”

oluwakemi._o asked: “Why u self collect dollar 😂 why u no collect naira”


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