Mohbad’s peace climbs to number 1 on apple Music top 100

In the wake of the tragic passing of Nigerian music sensation Mohbad, the music charts have been witnessing an unexpected surge in his music.

While controversy and speculation continue to swirl around his untimely death, Mohbad’s songs are finding their way to the top of music charts.

One of Mohbad’s songs titled “Peace” is currently peaking at number 1 on Apple Music’s Top 100.

His musical success coming after his death is bittersweet for fans who are both grieving his loss and celebrating his musical legacy.

Adding an twist to this is the fact that the artist had somewhat predicted it. Recently, an unreleased song featuring Mohbad had recently surfaced. The song’s lyrics have sent chills down the spines of many fans, as they appear to hint at Mohbad’s premonition of his own death.

In the lyrics, Mohbad contemplates what people will say when he is no longer around, musing on the idea that “When I’m there no more, people will love me more. Talk about the things I’ve done, discuss my right and wrongs.”

These emotional lyrics have left fans both saddened and puzzled, raising questions about whether Mohbad had a sense of what was to come.

Tontrends also reported that Mohbad had filed a petition months before his death. The artist had taken a proactive step to seek justice and protection for himself prior to his demise. A petition filed by the late artist against Sam Larry, an aide to Naira Marley, emerged online.

The petition, dated June 2023, details an incident in which Mohbad was allegedly harassed and assaulted on the set of a music video shoot with Zlatan Ibile.

This revelation has made netizens question the Nigerian police system’s response to such incidents and the need for accountability and justice.

Samklef, had been the one the share this petition to he public. He has been vocal about the situation surrounding Mohbad’s passing.

He had initially sought to defend Naira Marley against accusations related to the tragedy but later called for accountability within the Nigerian police force. He shared his frustration, stating, “The police in Nigeria is a failed system!”

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