Moesha Boduong Speaks About Her ‘8-Year-Old Son’ Who Recently Popped Up Online


Ghanaian socialite Moesha Boduong has addressed claims that she has a son and had kept him from Ghanaians all these while until recently.

In a latest interview, Moesha has denied the rumours.

According to her, the boy is not her son but her friend’s son.

She noted that her love for children and babies has made her post the little boy often on her Snap but he is not her biological son.

It’s my friend’s son, I always post him on snap and treat him as my own, she said.’

‘I love children And people mistook him as my son The picture has been over my page over five years I don’t know, why someone will do that to make look bad.’

A few days ago, an 8 year-old-boy said to be Moesha Boduong’s son surfaced online. Many people were shocked by why Moesha had kept her baby a secret for that long.

However, Moesha has cleared the air, and according to her, the boy is not hers.