Moesha Boduong says she enhanced her body not because of men but for self-confidence


Actress Moesha Boduong has given clarity as to the reason why she went under the knife to enhance her body.

Moesha had always arisen speculation about her heavily endowed curves and backside. Even when she had not yet publicly admitted to undergoing advanced body surgery, the speculation was rife and had gained massive acceptance.

Today, the controversial actress, while reacting to an article written by renowned blogger Chris-Vincent as to how she has become a standard for most Ghanaian celebrities to get their bodies enhanced, despite their earlier criticism, revealed her emotions as to the subject matter, even claiming to have shed tears.

Responding to a comment posted by a fan under the same thread, Moesha explained that no one gets surgery because of a man, because even a nice body is not capable of keeping a man. However, she explained that they get surgeries in order to boost their confidence in their own bodies.