Moesha Bodoung reveals what her boyfriend should be worried about, cancels out cheating


Actress and photo model Moesha Bodoung has revealed how she won’t want to cheat in her relationship.

A lot of people perceive girls with endowed bodies like hers often cheat in their relationship because its either they are trying to use their bodies to enrich themselves or because they can’t stand the subsequent pressure from outside the relationship.

However, Moesha has disclosed she will never cheat in her relationship but the only thing that is going to give her boyfriend a heart attack is her stubbornness.

She made this revelation on her Instagram page where she posted a meme that read, “there are some ladies that will never cheat on their man but their stubbornness will give you a heart attack”

She posted this picture seconding and agreeing to it by writing “this is me, who is on this table to?”

Photo below;