Model’s Major clothing fail as fans think she looks ‘Unclothed’ in latex trouser


latex clothing seems to be having a moment. We’ve had retailers selling latex skirts and dresses and now Fashion Nova is flogging latex trousers.

But surprisingly, it’s not the choice of material that’s got people talking about the garment right now – it’s the colour.

The clothing brand recently shared a photo of model Alexis Skyy wearing a pair of their vinyl trousers in the shade cognac on Instagram .

They captioned the post: “Latex Pants Got Your Tongue. Search: “Late Night Texts Vinyl Pants.”
And while more than 31,000 people have liked the image, many did a double take after seeing it.

That’s because they couldn’t get over the fact that the nude-colour makes it look like Skyy forgot to put on trousers and is Unclad from the waist down.

One person commented: “I thought she was Unclad and oiled up.”

Another said: “I thought she was Unclad I was like tf is you wearing woman.”

A third wrote: “Omg on first glance I thought she wasn’t wearing pants lol.”