Meet 19 years old, Nigerian Super Model and Actress Namia Roberts (Must See Photos)


VL: Hello Namia Roberts
Hi, thanks for having me

VL: Who is Namia Roberts?
I am a 19years student, model and actress, I was born and raised in Nigeria along side 3 siblings. I’m currently rounding up my university education in London. And I like to describe myself as an all round entertainer.

VL: How did you discover your talent and what inspired you?
Everything came naturally to me. For modelling, i have always loved taking pictures and posing since I can remember, growing up my relatives used to call me model as a nick name. I remember always watching the delta soap advert and praying I could do that one day. So when I was 13 I took a trip to New York with my family and everyone kept telling me I should be a model, that I have the body for it and it was great because it was coming from total strangers, I even had a woman ask me to model for her but my mum declined. And that was what fuelled my passion for modelling.


VL: And Acting?
Acting was quite similar, I used to force my sister to play drama with me as a child. I always watched Genevieve and Oge Okoye movies growing up and even though I didn’t understand the concept of acting fully, or that you even got paid for it, I knew I wanted to do that.
VL: What have you been up to?
Right now, I’m working on my website, I am about to relaunch it. And I am also shooting a couple of films, my first film project so I’m very excited!

VL: As a model what where the major challenges you faced when you started and how did your overcome those challenges?
Uhm, I am really shy! So when I first started modelling I was really shy infront of the camera and my pictures never looked natural, you could tell I was forcing it. So I had to work on that. Also finding the right agency was a hassle for me because I’m very picky and since I didn’t have any guidance I wanted to make sure I was picking the best agency that would represent me properly in the long run.

VL How did the breakthrough come?
I have been modelling professional since 2012, but I got my big break in 2015, after I modelled for a London based stylist. The pictures went…viral? would I say? and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing ever since. For acting I don’t think I’ve had my break through yet.

VL: Tell us something that the media doesn’t know about you up until now?
I am introvert. I’d rather stay home and read a book or watch TV than go out any day.

VL: What is your ideal definition of fashion?
To me fashion is a way to express yourself with clothes. A persons style can tell you a lot about them before you even speak to them.

VL: List Your favourite fashion designers
My favourite designer of all time is Louis Vuitton because it’s simply timeless. I also love Alice and Olivia, Oscar De La Renta, Hermes, Victoria Beckham, Salvatore Ferragamo and kurt Geiger.
VL: Who is your fashion icon?
Coco Chanel and myself

VL: How would you describe your personal style?
I have a very preppy and classy style. I am very girly so heels and bags are my favourite accessories.

VL: What is your philosophy towards life?
My philosophy towards life is you have to fall seven times to get up eight times. I believe whatever is yours will always be yours and whatever isn’t will never be yours. And the harder you work the luckier you get, so no matter what life throws at you, you should always keep your head up and never give up.

VL: Who are the kind of people that influences you?
I am influenced by young go getters like myself. I love when people push through boundaries and succeed. I don’t believe in being satisfied with what people think you should be satisfied with. I mean who says the sky is the limit when they are foot prints on the moon right?

VL: How do you make your daily decisions?
First, I pray. And I have learnt to always follow my heart. I listen to people’s criticism and opinions but I always make sure I’m making my decisions based on what I want and what’s best for me.


VL: How do you manage to stay focus in achieving your goals?
I always try to remember why I started doing this in the first place, which is because I love it and it makes me happy. So I never want to lose sight of this happiness. Also I know what I can achieve if I stay focused on my goals, and I don’t want to mess my future up for any reason.

VL: What are your future plans?
First, I plan to finish school and then go into acting full time. I also plan to have my film production company and to help build the Nollywood industry, because Nollywood is where it all began for me and I hope to be able to inspire some little girl to chase her dreams the way it inspired me to chase mine.
VL: Final Note
Always stay true to yourself. Remember your values and never lose sight of your goal.
VL: It was nice having you namia roberts
It was lovely being here, Thank you for having me again.

Photographer: AO photograhpy
makeup: Neon velvet
hairs: James catalano hair


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