MKR ‘villain’ Sophia Pou confirms she will returning for new season


‘I look amazing, I have a great personality and I can cook!’ MKR ‘villain’ Sophia Pou confirms she will returning for new season

She was one of the most controversial contestants in the history of My Kitchen Rules.

And six years after debuting on the Seven franchise, Sophia Pou, 36, has confirmed she will star on the revamped season of MKR: The Rivals this year.

Speaking to Sydney Confidential on Sunday, the sassy brunette declared: ‘I am the complete package. I look amazing, I have a great personality and I can cook. I am actually a really good cook.’

Sophia will be paired with fellow fiery MKR alum Romel Kouyan, who has also pledged to serve up some cold hard truths this season.

Promising to be even more controversial than last time, Romel told Sydney Confidential: ‘Both Sophia and I are very upfront, we call it as we see it and we are honest.’

Sophia and Romel will be joined by former My Kitchen Rules winners Dan and Steph Mulheron on the new MKR: The Rivals format.

News of Sophia’s return comes after she previously told that she believed she was purposely cast by producers to stir up trouble.

Notably, the publication claimed that Sophia and teammate Ashlee Pham only cooked once during the entire audition process before appearing on MKR.

At the time. Sophia claimed that the pair only cooked for producers during the final audition stage, following three months of interviews.

Basically personality plays a big part. They want to make sure you have the personality they’re looking for, the food is the other component,’ Sophia revealed.

Meanwhile, it would seem that rival Network Ten cooking show MasterChef Australia takes a rather different approach to casting.

The British-born food critic also clarified that a large portion of their alumni have gone on to do great things in the food and hospitality industry.

‘It’s important to us that people on the show go on to do something in food; we’re proud of the fact that 75 per cent of people on our show end up working in food.’

‘Their personality really doesn’t come into it,’ he concluded.

The show’s former judge Matt Preston, 54, said last year at Fitzy & Wippa’s Ultimate Dinner Party: ‘We cast people purely on the basis that they can cook.’