Mixed reactions as lady shares how she refused to travel abroad to study because of her boyfriend who later dumped her for someone else

A Nigerian lady has sparked outrage on TikTok after revealing that she had turned down an opportunity to study abroad because of her boyfriend.

The lady shared a video on TikTok about how she previously turned down an opportunity that others would have hopped on to.

She claimed that she declined to travel abroad for her education since she preferred to stay with her boyfriend. The lady @ovokeroh_ asked her followers if she made the correct option in rejecting to continue her study overseas.

She captioned the video: “Smiling because life didn’t end when I was asked to go and school abroad and I chose to stay in Nigeria because of a boy who doesn’t even care about my existence. I am at another cross road again I hope I choose well?”

Video below….

@s.o.p.h_i.a_ said: “Girl, me too. He left me soo fast after I told him. After 3 years my father gave me another chance, I no even think am twice.”

@bernadine.nk said: “Omo same story but I got married to the boy.”

@rIsKy_YaT said: “This trend just dey shock me anyhow.”

@Kadi said: “You people have suffered.”

@Davelovesme said: “I came across this for a purpose.”

@Dumam Onu said: “Better tell us the crossroad now. Let us know how we can help you.” 

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