Mike Tyson leaves Eminem surprised with these remarks


Mike Tyson and Eminem’s chat at the former’s podcast has taken the internet by storm, days after the boxing legend made an appearance in Godzilla music video.

The pair sat together at Mike’s “Hotboxin” podcast and discussed things that fans are loving.

During their chat, Mike Tyson seemed to surprise the Detroit rapper when he said, “You’re the only white guy that knows what it’s like to be a n*****”.

Marshall Mathers appeared to be at a loss for words when the boxing legend praised him saying, “f***ing slaved” for all the rapper had achieved.

Answering Mike Tyson, Eminem said: “Not sure how to answer that… You mean, I know, we all got our story.”

Expressing his admiration for Mike, Eminem said: “I’ve never seen anyone hit so hard. That’s gotta be something like… what is that?”

Tyson responded: “I got credit for my punching speed but it wasn’t my punching power it was the accuracy.

“I was fast. I got my punches in before the others, the hard punchers, got there.”