Michael McCormack’s job under threat with Nationals spill motion likely to be moved


Nationals may spill leader’s position

It was always going to be Llew. Someone still has to second it though.

And then the numbers get laid bare.

“With due respect, there will be a spill, and I will be standing. The prime minister talks about the quiet Australians, our job is to represent the near invisible Australians,” Barnaby Joyce says.

“… We’ve got to make sure that we are not a shadow of another party, that we speak with our own voice.”

Looks like he was caught just outside the parliament for that one. So, once again – the spill is on. Joyce isn’t saying if he has the numbers, but he is not not saying that either.

This is new territory for the Nationals – they do not usually do their leadership spills this way. So stay tuned.

We’ll see you tomorrow, bright and early.

Barnaby Joyce says he will contest Nationals leadership

Wait – just a quick addendum – Barnaby Joyce is on Sky News.

He says he has told Michael McCormack he will be challenging tomorrow – he phoned him this afternoon to let him know.

The spill will be moved and seconded.

He says his pitch to his colleagues is the Nationals need to “survive and thrive” as a party.

“We are under threat from all sides,” he says.

On the numbers, Joyce won’t say what he thinks his chances are.

“But this is serious,” he says.