Michael Jackson was proud to be Black (See reason why)


Contrary To popular beliefs making the rounds since the 80’s about Michael Jackson changing the color of his skin because he hated being black, the king of pop actually very proud of his race but was only subject To media/press bullying.

Michael Jackson was actually a victim of two skin diseases: vilitigo & lupus. Vilitigo is a condition that Sées its patient’s skin change color from small red/light patches scattered all over their body To darker moulds of rashes on the body.

in 1983 at motown’s anniversary TV special, Michael Jackson performed with his all white left hand glove for the first time. It turns out that it was because his left hand had started To change color and hé felt the need To creatively hide it from his adoring fans.

As he grew older, so did his fame and fortune…sadly so did this dieseases. As he got Richer and more famous he naturally turned To différent means to treat his condition by bleaching, sometimes tatooing and most popularly…by cosmetic surgery. In no time he started to obsess over cosmetic surgery, doing whatever it would cost To hide his disease, boost his confidence and feed his vain obsession. At some point he had opted for a straighter nose because he was often Boeing teased by his family members about how wide his nose was. At another time he sort To look like his idol ”diana Ross” but there was Never a time where he opted To change his skin tone because he hated Being black. Later in his career he fought To change this wrong information and come out with the truth about his skin disease… But the 80’s was not like today where celebrities have the internet To have their voice heard by their fans and correct misinformation from journalists. Michael Jackson Also had a host of more serious scandals To deal with. All he had To addres this misconception was his music. This songs like ”black or white” it ddnt work as expected did it? It is sage To say that the king of pop was blessed WAY beyond his time. His blessing was a GIFT but also a curse. Long live the LEGEND.