Mercy Shows Ike Who The Ultimate Player Is Between Both Of Them


Definitely Mercy the winner of the last edition of the Big Brother reality show has proved to her lover , Ike, that she is the authentic player between both of them. She did this by dumping him at the least expected moment- at a time when rumor was making the rounds that the supposed love birds were back together and their fans were seized by excitement.

Mercy is not just a reality show winner but an authentic bad girl, a player with enviable expertise. She is smooth like that.

However, Ike started the whole game. Recall how news backed by pictures showed Ike with Tacha, a Big Brother reality star neck deep in rivalry with Mercy? Many will also remember how Ike made it a habit to drop flattering comments on Tacha’s social media posts a behavior many considered disrespectful to Mercy, his girlfriend considering the fact that Tacha was her arch rival. Perhaps Ike thought Mercy was the regular girl who allows herself become heartbroken over the antics of a naughty boyfriend.

Well, today we know she was just bidding time to drive it home to Ike who the ultimate player is between both of them. Like she won the most coveted title of Big Brother Naija, Mercy has proven to Ike that she is the ultimate player by dumping him at the least expected moment.

Let us wish smart Mercy all the best with her new found love, Willie XO.