Mercy Johnson Reveals Why She Wants More Children


Nollywood Star Mercy Johnson says she loves to have many more children than she has now.

In a new interview, Mercy Johnson has revealed reasons why she loves making more. babies. According to the mother of three, the combination of motherhood, acting career and appointment to government of her state as as Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Arts and Culture has not been easy but she told the host Johnson that it has always been the plan of God for her.

Mercy who recently premiered her first movie talked about her project in her state and new movie entitled, ‘The Legend Of Inikpi’. She says a lot of work had to be put in which got her more stressed out because of her role at home as a mother of three.

Mercy Johnson disclosed that she is obsessed with children and will keep having children till they can all play football together.

“I’m obsessed with children, while growing up I always had dreams of having four so we have to complete the equation so we can play football correctly with 3 boys and 3 girls” she says.