Mercy Eke deletes her sultry Silhoutte Challenge video (Watch)


BBNaija star, Mercy Eke has trashed her sultry #SilhouetteChallenge video after social media users developed an app that removes the red filter from the video.

Recall the reality tv star hopped onto the challenge after it became the hottest challenge on social media for days. She was spotted in a red morning coat before she dashed into the red light, giving a hot sexy and steamy d ance without her clothes on.

After news broke out there is an app that removes the red filter to reveal the nakedness of the ladies in the video, most ladies who engaged in the challenge have quickly deleted the video off their media pages. Mercy is the latest to delete hers off her Instagram.

The video can’t be found on any of her media pages but still trends on other media platforms such as Twitter and Youtube. The internet they say never forgets.

Watch below: