Mercy ,asked for an acct number of a girl who dared her to send 10k for her


The bbn 2019 winner popularly known as lambo ,posted a lovely picture on her insta page,which she added”truth or dare”and a fan dared her to send 10k,she replaid”send me your account”alot went on asking different questions while some dared her to follow back,send money,praise God,etc she is indeed a good person said by her lovely fan .

In case you ask who lambo is ,she is the winner of big brother naija 2019, who has a heart of gold,she was loved and supported by her army till the 99days in big brother house,which earn her victory and fam.

She is known in and out of the house for being supportive,kind,hardworking,pure,fun to be,generous,and way of dressing.she owns every big brother Saturdays night party cause she rock every outfit.