Mercy Aigbe reveals she now eats seven times a day in self isolation


Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has revealed how she is spending her time during self isolation.

The actress showed a video of herself in the kitchen revealing she has eaten for the seventh time.

The actress has also used this time to make a YouTube video advising parents to have real talks with her children.

Mercy has been very vocal on social media recently. She uses her social media to say her opinion on a lot of issues.

Recently she was bashed for advising young ladies who date married men to ensure they don’t stay with them for love but for the monetary gains.

She later made another video saying she doesn’t encourage young woman to date married men as she is an independent woman, but just wants them to ambitious.

Well Mercy has showed us how she is self isolating in the kitchen. How are you observing yours? Hope you are staying Inside as you should?