Men with big balls are the most cheats according to Stephanie Benson- VIDEO


The reasons why people cheat can never be pinned on one single thing because each person that cheats does it for a varied reason.

For the mere idea of cheating to the fun of it through to not being satisfied with what they are fed with by their partner— the list is endless.

Importantly, people pin cheating on the fact the man (women inclusive) have insatiable needs that need satisfaction hence the need to satisfy these needs as much as they can.

A man who wants to cheat would cheat regardless of any other thing they hold close to their hearts even if they are married to saints and enjoying marital bliss.

It is just incomprehensible but not for Stephanie Benson. According to the mother of five, men with huge balls have the propensity to cheat more as compared to those who have small appreciable ones.

After almost three decades of marriage, Stephanie revealed some time ago that she never cheated on the hubby.

We can only imagine the type of ball Mr. Benson has— that is the only thing that can tell us if he ever cheated on Stephanie.