“Men will always be there for women who stand by them and respected them when they had nothing” – Doctor uses Kizz Daniel and his wife as case study to advise women

A medical doctor, identified on Twitter as Dr Pharouk, has created a stir online with his advice to women using singer Kizz Daniel and his wife as case studies.

In a lengthy Twitter post, he shared a story Kizz Daniel made in the past while talking about his wife, who he revealed believed in him when he started his music career. The singer disclosed that his wife would bring food for him when he spent hours in the studio and was mocked by her friends who claimed he couldn’t sing.

Kizz Daniel stated that his wife and his brother stood by him and were the only ones liking his posts, and she was the one who paid for his first song, which was N10,000.

Using his story as a case study, Dr Pharouk stated that men are grateful people as there is nothing one would do for them that they will forget completely. He avowed that men will always be there for women who stood by them and respected them at their low moments.

He admonished ladies to show their struggling boyfriends.

Ten years ago, when I started music, she believed in me. I’ll spend hours in the studio, and she will bring me food. I remember her friends m°ck!ng her that I couldn’t sing well.

She and my brother stood by me. I’ll make a post, and only her and my brother will like it. She even had to pay for my first song, just 10k naira. Today, I’ll give her 100m without even thinking. Thank you, Wifey ” Kizz Daniel

Truth be told, men are grateful people. There is nothing you’ll do for a man that he will forget completely. Men will always be there for women who stand by them and respected them at their low moments.

Show your str.ûggl!.ng boyfriend love, no one knows tomorrow”.

His advice didn’t sit well with some netizens who pointed out how the singer wasn’t faithful to her.

One You Ain’t Steph XX wrote, “Yet he cheated on her. Abeg, go and sleep

One August, Na wrote, “Na lie jhor

One Hungrily Villie Kitchen wrote, “Most men don’t remember Jack! No reason am

One Dderaa wrote, “He remembered! Most men forgot who was there for them

One Braided 4 U wrote, “Ladies, this is not you’re signed to struggle with any man. Don’t be Barbara, the builder

One Teeto Olayemi wrote, “I hope that he’s appreciative. I hope he’s faithful, too

One Swanky Tee224a wrote, “But as dem suffer with Rude Boy (Psquare), reach him still leave the woman go marry influencer. Abi na Yul Edochie own lol, Oga calm down na una dey ungrateful pass

One Swt Juie wrote, “Oga talk for yourself. There are many ungrateful ones out there, and that’s why women too are learning hard. We appreciate the grateful ones”.

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