Men See What You Should Do For Your Partner During Pregnancy


The role of a man during pregnancy can not be over stressed as it is knowledgeable that conception was made possible by the efforts of two individuals (man and woman). Often times, men are seen to neglect their responsibilities during pregnancy under the guise of busy schedules of certain ideologies that exempt them from taking part in the journey to delivery.

Helping your partner have a smooth pregnancy, in fact, is a matter of fulfilling your responsibility as a loyal husband or father-to-be. You might wonder how you could be of good use to your pregnant partner even though you have no idea of what she may be going through. I’ve carefully put together some tips that can aid you during this journey.

School Yourself

As a man, it is your sole responsibility to stay abreast of pregnancy and what it entails. Frankly not all women have a full grasp of what to do and what not to during pregnancy. As a responsible partner, assisting your partner by gaining practical knowledge of the whole biological process and how to make the journey palatable for you both is a huge plus.

Be her saviour during morning sickness

Nothing best describes the adjective, ‘Night and shining armour’ like a man who stays by his partner during morning sickness. The experience which most times is draining and takes a toll on your pregnant partner can be a painful one and the least you can do is set up a resting space for her to ease her pain.

Be reasonable and sensitive

Pregnancy comes with a torrent of emotions and mood swings. The best you can do at this time is to empathise with her and try to grant her requests. This can be overbearing but knowing that her behaviours are influenced by her current predicament should help you go through it easily.

Assume kitchen duties

No excuses guys, you need to learn a thing or two in the kitchen. If you’re that bad, then volunteer to cook with her. Let her sit and guide you through the entire process while you make use of your hands and feet.

Do the house chores

We understand that a bit of exercise is good for your pregnant partner but that doesn’t mean she should be subjected to 9 months laundry and house cleaning. it’s your house too and by all means the work load should reduce for her. If possible take charge of the heavy chores and leave the lighter ones for her. We don’t want a miscarriage or any complications all because you were selfish.


At this juncture, the investigative nature of men should be seen as you monitor what she eats and drinks. We don’t want a malnourished or deformed child right? Nothing beats a healthy mum and healthy baby so for your joy to be full, make sure mother and child ingest the right meals.

You see, as a father, supporting your partner during pregnancy is vital and at no time should you make her feel that the responsibility is hers only. The way you treat her during pregnancy will definitely affect the way she completes the 9 months so make sure you treat her right.