Men Rock Bikinis After Russian Gas Station Offers Free Fuel For Anyone In A Bikini


Russian Gas Station, Olvi gas station in Samara offers free fuel for anyone in a bikini, doesn’t expect guys would dress down too, Our correspondents report.

They came up with quite a shocking idea for a publicity stunt and offered free fuel for anyone in a bikini. All the while they probably expected females to enroll in this stunt.

While the event could seem downgrading to some, loads of people didn’t hesitate and seized the moment as there was a long queue of both men and women all dressed in bikinis waiting to fill up their tanks.

Little did they know then that some men would show up wearing bikinis too! Our guess, that this wasn’t something they actually expected.

Even though this special offer only lasted for three hours, some people could be seen helping their partners who sat this one out in the safety of their cars.

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