MEN ONLY!!! Here is How to Regain Ere ction Immediately After First Shot Of Se x [Must Read]


After ej’aculation, it takes some time for your body to get an er’ection again. The time between your ej’aculation and the onset of your next er’ection is called refractory period.

This is one of the cases where men have truly been discrimated by mother nature, because women do not have a refractory period. Well, they do have another kind of period though, so maybe we shouldn’t really complain about the cards we’ve been played

Average refractory period?….

There really is no average in this case. In general it’s shorter for young men than it is for old men. Some men can regain an er’ection even fast just a couple of seconds, while other men need hours. These are the two extremes of the spectrum.

Even for the same man it can differ each time. So one time you have s’ex and might be ready to go again after just three minutes, and another time it might take your “little friend” 40 minutes to stand up again.

The vast majority of men need to give their pe nis a break time of around 15-50 minutes before their pe nis will feel excitable again. The reason is simply that the excitable membrane in your pe nis needs a “reset” before it’s ready to react to stimulation again after you’ve ej’aculated already.

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