“Men love to be pampered too, be wise” – Fans school Paul Okoye’s new wife, Ivy Ifeoma for snubbing him on Father’s Day

Ivy Ifeoma, the fiancée of renowned Afrobeat singer Paul Okoye, has faced online criticism for not celebrating him on Father’s Day.

A netizen known as Oriretan Honour expressed disapproval, stating that it was not wise of her to neglect this gesture, especially since she claims to love him.

Honour emphasized that small actions like this matter and can demonstrate her genuine intentions, dispelling assumptions that she’s only interested in his wealth.

He also cautioned that her omission might lead people to perceive her as jealous, given the circumstances surrounding Paul’s separation from his ex-wife and her entry into his life. Honour urged Ivy to be more thoughtful and aware that public displays of affection foster bonding, as men also appreciate being pampered.

He concluded by advising her to take the necessary steps and be wise.

The netizen wrote:

“Ivy, it unwise how today is Father’s Day yet can’t celebrate Rudeboy, Paul Okoye, yet claiming you love him. More unwise not knowing these little things u’re overlooking count, can convince people that you didn’t come for his money but love. Most unwise not knowing people may think you’re jealous cos u’re not the mum of his kids owing to the circumstances surrounding the separation & ur entry. Think smart. Public display of affection creates bonding. Men love to be pampered too. U’re a soon-to-be nursing mum & not teenager again. Do the needful. He wise. Don’t be unwise”.

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