Men are selfish, you give them all the styles and they won’t pay – Nurse tells Bobrisky


A female nurse and a fan of popular Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky has attracted many reactions after she commented under the post of the cross-dresser over how men treat women.

According to the nurse with the username “naijarosemedia”, most men are selfish and don’t pay well even after giving them all the sex styles in bed. She commented “Bob but some men are selfish.

You will give them all the styles in bed yet they won’t pay well…what can you do to such men?”

This follows after Bobrisky made a post on his Instagram page about how to treat a man in order to gain money from them. He captioned his post “I laughed so hard when some girls complain men don’t spend on them… They don’t spend on u because ur mouth is not close 🙄🙄🙄. Fuck him indoor, and be his enemy outdoor or pretend u don’t know him outdoor.

That is how to be smart. Some of you will ask him to take u out so you can cast him abi 🙄? Especially when he is married or in a serious relationship

In response to the nurse, Bobrisky asked her why she keeps dating “broke bastards”.