“Men are now looking for good character, stop bleaching yourselves to look like traffic light” – Fashion designer tell ladies

A Nigerian student and fashion designer has opined that many beautiful women are unmarried today because men have gone beyond looking at appearance.

The lady simply known as Chula, said pretty ladies around the world are unable to find a husband because beauty stopped being the criteria for marriage.

According to her, men now look for morals, common sense and good character in a woman, before settling down with her.

Chula, in a post on her Twitter page also advised ladies to stop bleaching their skin as that no longer attracts prospective suitors.

She wrote; “The number of unmarried beautiful women around the globe is enough to tell you that beauty is no longer count’s as criteria for marriage.

So stop bleaching yourselves to look like traffic light. Men are now looking for common sense, morals, and good character.”

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