“Men are more romantic than women” – Pastor Emmanuel Iren discloses after thorough research

Pastor Emmanuel Iren, who is the founder and lead pastor of Celebration Church International, has in a recent sermon made a startling remark that has netizens divided.

He expressed that men were more romantic than women as opposed to the notion that women are more romantic. He also gave his reasons for his that statement.

He revealed that when women want to make their choice for the men that they want to date or the men that they want to get married to, they are more pragmatic with their decisions. He further disclosed that most women would be hesitant to date a person because they vibe with that person or because they really like that person.

Meanwhile, he expressed that most men want to be with women just for who they are without expecting much in return. He also stated that for men there is a romantic fantasy attached to it with men expecting women to accept them for who they are.

Recall that a few weeks back, Tontrends had reported that a Cameroonian pastor had told Christians to give their January salary to their pastors and spare themselves from attack of the enemy.

He expressed that pastors deserve to have that salary and that people who do not do that should not be surprised if things do not go well for them.

Now, also recall that back in 18th January, 2024, a pastor known as Anosike had also gone viral after he revealed that his church members should give him their January salary because he deserves it. He stressed on the fact that the money belonged to him and that it should be specifically used to cater to his well-being.

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