Men are gold-diggers too – Ghanaian lady says


It could be argued that there is an unspoken agreement that only women can be gold diggers in a relationship.

This idea could have been coined from the fact it is assumed that women who date older men only do so for the money they have. A Ghanaian lady has expressed that she believes that not only women can be gold diggers in relationships. The lady identified simply as @Da_BossLadyy also shared details on how gold-digging men operate. The lady took to Twitter to express her views on gold-digging in a relationship. @Da_BossLadyy explained that she has met men who pretended to be doing well in life until weeks after a relationship. She noted that weeks after knowing them they would start talking about financial problems. She said they always blame one problem or the other.

According to her, the men make up issues after they realize that she is doing well. She said gold-digging men do this to enjoy the life a woman built for herself.