“Men are generally sex motivated, they trade love to get sex while women trade sex to get love” – Pastor Kingsley schools fans on sex, as he advises ladies

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo the Founder and Senior Pastor of Agape Christian Ministries Inc spoke to his members about marital relationships. He revealed the mistakes women makes
while looking for love and the ones men make while looking for sex.

He said that if all the women lock up, people will be marrying every week. He said that all those singles who are over 30,40 years are still single because someone is servicing them.

Their needs are getting met. If their needs are not getting met, they will marry. According to him, women hold the sex, men hold the security. Security and marriage is a woman’s gift because that is what she wants.

He said that If she has sense, and understands how these things work, she should hold on to her sex until she’s offered the security. That is for marriage and not proposal.

Unfortunately, he said that some women make the mistake of giving the man sex, hoping that he will marry her. That is why men are staying long because who pays for the cow when the milk is free. “I didn’t make this up, this is just how life happens,” he said.

Men are generally sex motivated, while women are love motivated. He said that men trade love to get sex and women trade sex to get love. This is why men do everything possible when he wants to sleep with a woman but the moment he succeeds, he will not know what to do again.

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