Meghan Markle to make her last royal appearance in UK at the annual Commonwealth Service?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been requested by Queen Elizabeth to take a break from their spotlight-free lifestyle in Canada, and attend the annual Commonwealth Service with the rest of the royals next month.

On March 9, government representatives of the 53 member nations will gather for the service at Westminster Abbey, for which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also been contacted by the queen herself.

This will mean that the Sussexes’ appearance will mark the end of their royal duties in the British royal family.

According to the Sunday Times, Meghan Markle was heavily pregnant at last year’s event and now that her son Archie is nine months’ old, the family can easily fly down to UK for their final royal engagement.

On the other hand, according to royal insiders, it has been reported that the Queen is ‘remarkably relaxed’ and ‘unfazed’ by Meghan and Harry’s money-making ventures.

The couple recently made an appearance at the star-studded JP Morgan conference on Thursday, which wealth experts believe, mustered a total of $500,000 to $1million (£387,000 and £775,000) easily to them.