Meghan Markle drives herself to Canadian airport to pick up her friend (photos)


Meghan Markle was seen behind the wheel of a Land Rover as she drove herself to Victoria International Airport on Thursday to pick up a friend.

The Duchess of Sussex had a security guard in the passenger seat while she drove herself to the Canadian airport to pick up a pilates expert friend who jetted in from the US for the weekend.

In the photos obtained by Daily Mail, she appeared to be in high spirits as she chatted with the man in the front seat for about 10 minutes until her friend Heather Dorak arrived.

Ms Dorak, who hails from in San Antonio, Texas, became Meghan’s pilates guru and attended the royal wedding in May 2018 with her husband Matt Cohen. She runs the Pilates Platinum brand, which the Duchess started attending in Los Angeles when she starred in Suits.