Meet The world Hairiest Man-Nicknamed The Wolf Man


Larry Gomez is an extremely hairy man. He’s the world’s hairiest man, in fact, with thick, dark hair covering 98% of his body.

The only parts of him that aren’t hairy are his hands and his feet.

Larry was born with congenital generalised hypetrichosis, a rare genetic disorder that causes excessive hair growth. It affects fewer than 100 people worldwide, many of whom are members of Larry’s family.

Thanks to his furry face, Larry’s earned the nickname Wolf Man. But while he used to face cruel comments from his peers about his condition, as Wolf Man Larry hopes to use his story to inspire people to embrace their differences.

As a child Larry was bullied and left out by kids thanks to his unusual appearance. But as he’s grown older Larry has learned to accept the way he looks, appearing in adverts, films (you might have seen him in Water for Elephants), and in a circus thanks to his hair.

He shaves once a month, but the hair always grows back pretty speedily.

Being one of the hairiest guys in the world makes me special,’ says Larry.

It helps that Larry’s got a settled family life. He’s worked for eight years renting bouncy castles and similar products, and recently married Alicia Martinez, having met her back in 2011. Larry also has a son, called Michael, who doesn’t have hypetrichosis like his dad.

Larry was recently featured on YouTube channel Wizard of Odd TV, after filmmaker Travis Hoelfe traveled to meet him.

‘Larry has three other family members who suffer from the condition, spread out over five generations,’ explains Travis.

‘The women are covered with a light to medium coat of hair, while the men of the family have thick hair, covering most of their bodies.

‘[Larry] was bullied as a kid for the way he looks, but now he wants other people to accept him, and others, who look different.’