Meet the woman who may be America’s next first lady


Melania Trump, 45, is the woman behind the man, Donald Trump. She is said to be a calming influence on the republican maverick, a trait Americans will be grateful for if he makes it to the white house. What’s more, she speaks five languages so she’ll more than hold her own in those diplomatic shindigs.


She was born the daughter of a car dealer in communist-era Yugoslavia, her upbringing was humble but certainly not one of hardship as her family was well-off enough to afford holidays. She met The Donald at a party when she was 28 and he was 52, the pair got married at a lavish $1million ceremony in 2005 and welcomed son, Barron a year later.


She was successful in her right before she met the mogul as she had modelling gigs around the world aged 17, however, she has had to beat off rumours that she married him just for his money. What attracted her to him then? ‘His mind, his amazing mind’ she says.

If her husband does make it to the White House, she says she doesn’t intend to feature heavily in her first lady role but will instead focus on bringing up their son. Asked the secret to a happy marriage, he answer was simple, ‘separate bathrooms’, most women will agree.

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