Meet The Sexiest 61year Old Man In The World That Got Grand Mothers Falling In Love Again


Liang Yuxiang is 61-years old! Yep, the man you are looking at is 61 and a grandfather from Chengdu, China. According to MetroUK reports, Liang started going to the gym regularly in his 40’s when he experienced a midlife crisis. He’s also a big fan of paragliding and racing cars.

Liang says:

“I see bodybuilding as my hobby,’ The only dieting principle I follow is that we should only fill our stomachs to about 70%,’Other than that I eat whatever I want because I believe the body’s cravings are its way of telling us what we’re lacking. I particularly love eating meat.”

Liang hopes that his fitness will encourage others to remember that age shouldn’t hold you back from following your dreams.

His V game is on point! Choi…Guys, it is time to say goodbye to that pot belly you are carrying around.

More photos…

61yrs-gym-man2 61yrs-gym-man1


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