Meet the Nollywood actors that are enjoying life in Atlanta, USA (Photos)


The beautiful life that comes with fame is so sweet, and some times, intoxicating, especially amongst entertainers. They love the life filled with glitz and glamour.

The above Nollywood actors; Prince Eke, Emmanuel Ehumadu, Omalicha, and Gbenro Ajibade are currently in the beautiful city of Atlanta, USA. The handsome looking men took to the street to pose for a beautiful photograph.

In the words of Prince Eke who shared the photos on his Instagram page: “All the way from Port Harcourt, we don break into the Atlanta market.”

Well, life is such a beautiful gift from God to humanity, and it’s a one time coming, so, one need to enjoy it to fullest while alive.

Though as at the time of filing this report, we can’t ascertain of they are there for a movie project. But we will keep you posted as we continue to monitor tge situation of things.