Meet the most beautiful actress and queen of Nollywood


Mercy Isoyip is a Nollywood actress, model and songwriter known for her role in the movie “Paige”.

She is a graduate of University of Calabar where she studied Accounting. She later moved to the United States where she attended the New York Film Academy.

Mercy came to limelight with her exceptional lead role in the movie “Paige” where she starred alongside popular Nollywood stars Tony Umez, Rachel Oniga and Daniel Lloyd.

Mercy has got a flawless beauty to go along with her great curves. She said the favourite part of her body is her face and that she may consider doing a plastic surgery in the future.

She developed love for music at an early age and has written and recorded songs. The genre of music she does is rap which she uses to talk about her environment, life issues and other important things.

Some of the other movies Mercy has featured in include “Betrayal”, “The Washman”, “The Graduate”, “Once Upon A Couple” and many others.