Meet The Handsome Husband Of Actress Esther Ene Audu


Meet The Handsome Husband Of Actress Esther Audu. They Look Good Together. See Photos

Esther Ene Audu is a beautiful dark lady who is a nollywood actress. She is loved by many. She is a tall beautiful talented young woman who can fit into any role given to her. Her slim nature makes her look so amazing.

The popular actress Esther Ene Audu sometime in 2016 got married to Mr Philip Ojire, also a tall handsome man with lots of prospects. Mr Philip Ojire is a film maker and a film producer and has been doing well over the years. Meet the husband of Actress Esther Ene Audu together in the photo below, they look so good together:

The nollywood actress Esther Audu and Mr Phillip Ojire have been together since they got married in 2016 but never gave birth to any child. It was not until three years after that she was blessed with a baby boy in the year 2019. The couple is one great couple in the industry who is living together and still married. Other photos of the beautiful actress and her husband are shown below, the photos show that they are really having a time together: