Meet the Beautiful woman that married not one, but two Nigerian Billionaires


Some people were specially and beautifully created by God, and Samira Sherrif is one of these lucky few people worldwide.

Samira Sherrif is the gorgeous mother of the popular Indimi girls, Adama, Meram and Mairama Indimi, she had these three stunning beauties for her billionaire oil mogul, Mohammed Indimi. She is Chadian and Swiss.

Samira Sherrif also has another beautiful daughter for another billionaire, Kase Lawal, the daughter’s name is Kubra Lena Lawal.

Kase Lawal, is America’s 4th Richest Black Person and Mohammed Indimi is one of the richest men in Nigeria and Africa.

Samira Sherrif welcomed her first grandchild in 2018.