Meet one of UK’s foremost historians David Olusoga, a professor at University of Manchester

David Olusoga

The spotlight is on Nigerian-born historian, broadcaster and film-maker David Olusoga. Born in Nigeria to a Nigerian father and a British mother, Olusoga moved to settle in Newcastle in the UK as a young child. Later his home was attacked by the National Front on multiple occasions and his family eventually forced out of their home. He later attended the University of Liverpool to study the history of slavery.

The 49-year-old has many documentaries which centre around history. He is known to have worked behind the camera for the BBC for years before finally being brought in front of it in 2014 with The World’s War: Forgotten Soldiers of Empire.

Some of his other works include; Fighting for King and Empire: Britain’s Caribbean Heroes and Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners in 2015, 2016 series Black and British: A Forgotten History. He has also hosted a couple of shows on BBC including; Two show a House Through Time, The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files.

The historian was made an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the recent New Year’s Honours list. He has also become a professor of public history at the prestigious Manchester University.