Meet Olu Adepitan, Nigerian-British sought after nutritionist and fitness expert

Olu Adepitan

It’s easy for anyone to claim to be a fitness expert once they can build muscles but only a select few have the knowledge and winning formula that actually shapes body rightly and bring great results. One of such is Olu Adepitan.

The sought after gym trainer was born and raised in east London by Nigerian parents. As a child, Adepitan said that he wanted to be a professional footballer but his parents didn’t want him to be disappointed because only a few make it that far.

Speaking with BXR London, the fitness expert stated that he came into fitness after studying nutrition and sports science. His passion fueled his energy so much that he now has one of the most sought out trainers in London.

He however had to first go through studying chemistry because his sister persuaded him to do science but all that never deterred him from his true calling – fitness.

Today, he boasts of a versatile fitness class that promotes strength and is much fun for his clients.