Meet Nollywood filmmaker, Luyek Adewale’s 7-year-old daughter who speaks 4 foreign languages


Everyone on the planet earth has one or two gifts he or she came to this world with. Some people are gifted football players, writers, musicians, actors and what have you, while others learn it and they became perfect at it.

But for Maryam Adewale, she is blessed with gift of learning several languages at a go. The seven year old girl, who speaks four different languages including Chinese, Spanish, German and English is a daughter of popular Yoruba film maker, Prince Yekeen Luqman Adewale also known as Prince Luyek Adewale

According to what this office gathered, the wonder kid began to speak the languages even when she was much younger than age seven. But one thing we can not dispute about it is the fact that, the girl is fortunate to attend one of the most expensive private schools abroad, where she might probably learn the four foreign languages.

Another information claimed that Maryam was born and raised abroad and the girl only came to Nigeria like five times. ‘Prince Luyek Adewale, who emerged the most enterprising producer in 2019, has been to twenty four (24) countries including Europe and South East Asia and he went with his daughter to most of these countries. Can this be the reason why the pretty girl speaks different languages or she’s just naturally blessed?

YEKEEN ADEWALE LUQMAN is an Entrepreneur , Film Maker , life coach, Founder of Luyek Global Resources LTD. He joined the industry some years back but he has been able to make a name for himself. He is one of the young actors dominating the industry at the moment.

Watch her video below: