Meet Nikita Dragun: The most Famous Transgender Man on Instagram


In Nigeria, we have Bobrisky while in advanced countries, we have men changing completely into women and vice versa.

Bobrisky’s situation is child’s play as he only dresses like a woman but has not confirmed that he actually had surgeries.

This article is about an internet sensation called Nikita Dragun who gained fame through YouTube videos, and a few years back, he became famous for transforming completely into a curvaceous was woman.

Nikita has a verified account on Instagram, currently, he owns a makeup brand which is doing very well.

Upon first glance, it is difficult to discern if he is actually a man underneath all the female clothing.

He has obviously invested thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery as his body is the ideal female body, a big frontside and a huge backside.

He is the envy of most women.