Meet Nigerian – American surgeon recognised as one of the best in US

Nelson Oyesiku

Nelson M Oyesiku is a Nigerian-American doctor who had his first degree at the University of Ibadan.

Oyesiku proceeded to the UK for his masters degree at the University of Emory and had his PhD during the residency period.

The Nigerian-American has been named as one of the best in US and recognised far and wide for clinical expertise.

Nelson M Oyesiku is a very experienced Nigerian surgeon in the UK and president of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

His training in neuroscience was done at Emory University in Atlanta. The Nigerian doctor got his PhD when he was having his residency programme.

According to his public profile, he is presently a professor of Neurological Surgery and director of the Laboratory of Molecular Neurological of Molecular Neurosurgery and Biotechnology.

Oyesiku has served in different capacities in Emory University, Emory Clinic, and the Emory Hospital. He is also the secretary and treasurer of the Georgia Neurosurgical Society.

On two occasion, he was confirmed the best doctor and surgeon in America. First was when he was selected by his peers and the second time happened when the Consumer Research Council of America said he is so.

To show how remarkable and very appreciated his work is, he is a visiting professor at different department of neurosurgery.

The Nigerian-American doctor has also contributed to the field of knowledge in neurosurgery by writing different articles, books and chapters.

He has also been named in one of the best magazines as one of the people making impacts in the country.

The doctor has been married for 22 years and has three children.